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Love hitting a par-5 in 2 shots? How about hitting a long par-3 with an iron instead of a wood? Or do you simply like using a full club less than your golfing buddy on every single shot? If any of these sounds like your kind of fun, this is the set for you! We've paired the Power Bilt Air Force One hybrids with the all new AF2 nitrogen charged irons to make a set that is unrivaled for pure distance. The hybrids and #5, 6 and 7 irons are all filled with 150psi of pure nitrogen and sport the thinnest faces in all of golf to deliver COR's, Smash Factors and Trampoline Effects that are illegally high! Also, since there are no mechanical supports to limit the size of the sweet spot, each of these clubs' sweet spots are almost the entire face! Just swing and watch the yards fly by! But what good is all this distance if you don't have some accuracy around the green? To make sure that you can hit the green with laser-like precision, the 8, 9 and PW are more traditional, deep cavity back irons designed to help you drop the ball right THERE.


•Forged Titanium Body with Forged Titanium Face

•Available in High MOI and Tour Series

•Multiple Face Thicknesses

•Nitrogen Pressurized Club Heads

•Fujikura Graphite Shafts

•Protective Head Cover


• Less Pressure Fluctuation

• Larger Molecule

• Dry (less water vapor)

• Unreactive to temperature and pressure changes

• Powered By Compressed Nitrogen

• Weightless Face Support

• Maximum Transfer of Energy

• Maximum C.T.

• Maximum Trampoline Effect

• Multiple Face Thicknesses

• Maximum Smash Fact