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Graman G55 Wood Shaft
Graman G55 Wood Shaft

Graman G55 Wood Shaft

ID : DK-0568
Brand : Graman
Condition :  New
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The graman G55 series is designed for a player with a smooth tempo looking for a higher launch angle. This softer tip lower torque shaft is sure to launch the ball higher with less spin. The ultralight weight will help the player gain swing speed for added distance. The Graman G Series is logo aligned so when installed logo up the shaft is set at its optimum flex line. Each shaft is marked with the CPM and with tolerances of +/- 1 CPM the Graman G Series line is manufactured to the tightest standards in graphite shaft manufacturing.

G-Series QUALITY is better than other more expensive popular name brands
G-Series shaft has the actual CPM marked on each shaft
Guaranteed + or - 1 CPM or less
Logo on shaft is aligned with optimum flex line

Bend Point : Mid/Low
Launch Angle : Mid/High
Color : Liquid Silver
Shaft Length : 47"
Torque : 3.0
Tip Diameter : .335 Parallel
Butt Diameter : .600
Parallel Tip Section : 4"

Weight (gr) : 55

Weight (gr) : 57