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Polara Ultimate Straight 2-Piece Golf Ball 4 Dozen

Brand : Polara
Condition :  New
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Slices killing your game? Are you losing balls, strokes and hair because you ball fades right into the trees or sails out of bounds? If so, we have the solution to your slicing problem!

The Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting ball has been proven to reduce slices by 75%, that means that 90-foot slice into a tree is now a gentle fade to the right side of the fairway! Using a patented, asymmetrical dimple pattern, this ball WILL fix your slice, guaranteed!

The original Polara ball was released in 1977 and was so effective that the PGA officially BANNED THE BALL from tournament play, even going so far as to bad all asymmetrical balls...period. In 2010, Polara released a new version of their ball, made using state-of-the-art aerodynamic technology to create a markedly improved ball. If your slice is keeping you from your maximum potential, then this ball is just what you need!