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Adams Senior's Tight Lies Plus 12-Piece Set RH

ID : ADAMS FS 004-a
Brand : ADAMS
Condition :  New
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For the golfer who wants lightweight clubs that are easy to hit, the Tight Lies Plus set with senior flex shafts is the perfect option. It's a complete set that will have you ready to go from tee to green. Known for the past 15 years for easy-to-hit characteristics, the Tight Lies brand is a smart choice for the golfer who wants to get more distance, accuracy and better playability from his entire set of clubs. This set includes a driver designed for maximum distance, high-launching fairway woods and easy-to-hit hybrids and irons. All in a lightweight stand bag.

*Titanium Driver
*3 & 5 Fairway Woods
*Idea a7OS 5 Hybrid
*6-9 Irons & PW
*Tom Watson Sand Wedge
*Blade Putter
*Hybrid Bag